How to hack CCTV camera

  CCTV camera is for security purpose and very
useful in places. It Record all activities.

How to hack CCTV camera

Ok Lets Start,

1. First download a software called Angry Ip Scanner

2. Install that softwere

3. open your browser and click on n search for your IP address

4. now open angry ip scanner and paste this ip in the range
      example : -your  ip is then ip range :- from “”
                                                                                            to “”.

5.now go to tools >preference >ports
              u can see one “text area ”  in that type 23,80,8080

6.  we have to add web detect . so for that ………..go to tools>fetchers
        add web detect u can also add ping ,host name,etc. click OK.

7. now Click on “start ” to scanning .

8 . if in Web detect colomn if some entry found like DVRDVS-webs or iBall-Baton or HikVision-webs ,  its a CCTV Camera detected . suppose you detected “DVRDVS-webs camara then search on google “default password for DVRDVS-webs camera ” its common like “admin”or “1234”,etc

9. Now right click on that and select “open” then select “web browser” .

10 .then you can see one login form .

11. type Username :- admin
               Password :-1234

12.click on login then you can start viewing.


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