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Tracking A Person : By Facebook / By Cell Number / By Email.

Tracking A Person Online.  By Cell Phone, Email, Facebook ID. Internet is filled with peopl…
Tracking A Person Online.
 By Cell Phone, Email, Facebook ID.
Internet is filled with people who love to annoy and give out threats. If they are careless, they can be easily tracked, but if it is a professional guy, he might be difficult to trace as he might be using proxy/anonymity tool.
If you think you are in trouble, i would advise you to go to cops. But if you think it is some punk ass guy, follow this tutorial to track him down and kick his ass.
To track him down, you can use mobile number, an email from him, or his Facebook ID.
So lets get it started :
Tracking Somebody By His Facebook ID 

Facebook is full of stalkers and annoying people and fake profiles,  And there is absolutely no way to get rid of them. Sure you can ignore them, but they will start posting on your walls, block them, they will make a new ID. Only way to get rid of them is to muscle them out. And by muscle i mean hack and destroy their PC. To do that, you will need their IP Address, And This tutorial will teach you how to do it.Also we will tell you how to track that person down to his house !
So buckle up.

So we will divide this tutorial in two main parts :
-Getting His IP Address.
-Tracking His IP Address to find his physical location.

Step One : Finding His IP Address :

To do this, we will use the ” netstat ” command in windows (xp,vista,7,8, doesn’t matter), this command will list the active connections and listening ports,and to this this, first you have to invite that person to chat, chat with him for 1-2 minutes, then open your command prompt ( start-cmd ) and then type the following command on it :

                                             netstat -an

And you will get all established connections IP addresses. Note down the suspicious IP’s.

: If you get a whole lot bunch of IP’s , close the additional tabs in your browser and terminate the application like antivirus/download managers and retry.

Step Two : Tracing His IP Address :

Once you have got the IP Address you want, its time to trace it. To do that we will need a website that give us tracing/ tracking options, some of the best sites are :

All these sites can trace the IP Address to his location, and they are pretty easy to use , just jot the IP you noted and put it in their search engine.

                        Tracking Him Down By His Cell Number 

Are you getting prank calls, or vulgar threats, or simply annoying calls from somebody who doesn’t give out his name.
It is pretty easy to track somebody by his cell/landline number. All you got to do is note down his/her number and enter it in this website and it will give you out the details :
Tracking Him Down by His Email Address 

Tracking Email is not new, it has been around since the emails were invented. But the tracking service has definitely got better since them. Email Tracking is comparatively easy than Facebook tracking, all you got to do is follow these simple steps and BAM ! you know the location of the
sender/reader !
You can use the free service provided by these sites, all you got to do is attach this tiny little attachment and they will tell you when the reader location is determined. Good thing is that even proxy can’t hide the reader. So try them out :
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