Top 5 websites to learn Hacking


Top 5 Website, Where you can learn How to hack like Hackers #1.   Hackfourms  — Hacking and Mark…

Top 5 Website, Where you can learn How to hack like Hackers

#1.  Hackfourms — Hacking and Market place

The no. 1 hackers communities with 225,405 memeber with 1,514,999 threads. where you can even learn computing, coding, Gaming, Graphics, in Market place you can buy code or can sell your own code of apps, games, tools, software anything. i recommend you this website to learn hacking and also you’ll able to find many real hackers there from all over the world.

#2. EvilZone — Hacking and Warez 

It is the second largest Hacking communities and warez fourm with 6,500 members with active 100,000 post ( old statistics ), likely this forums is very active and help you in any coding help, but be care full with “noob” they can’t handle and misguide you so always check reputation, position of members.

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#3. Hack-a-Day

this website has no competition in amazing information for anyone who is looking for specific categories like gadget, cellphone, GPS devices, digital cameras, you’ll find all categories in right column. Unlike then other websites hack-a-day is more likely based on hardware. it’s dedicated to new, amazing innovation in physical hacking with gadget old hardware in your warehouses.

#4. Hack in the Box

If any website which help you to learn How to hack, this would be hack in the box, hack in the box is more about security and ethical hacking, it provide classes and conference , you can subscribe HITB magazine or HITB news from there main website, HITB has 14669 members with  active 13879 topic and more interesting to learn how to hack.

#5 – Hack this site 

Hack this site is coolest website ever for free programmer training site where you can learn how to hack by accepting the different challenges, unlike then other website, hack this site provide you different level of hacking challenges where you can check your level, it is a kind of honeypot type of website.

Hacking level are like mission design by this site designer, you need to carefully read & studies all the articles on this site and you have to find out the vulnerabilities of a site and attempts to use your new founded hacking skills to hack web page. missions include basic Realistic, application, programming. I’m sure you’ll be earn tittle of professional hackers if you’re able to figure out how to properly hack the most difficult missions on this site.

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